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  Daman & Diu Introduction

Near Mumbai yet far from its crowd, Daman, an erstwhile Portuguese enclave and a picturesque port town is a popular getaway fro
city dwellers. On the west coast, hugged by the Arabian Sea and casuarinas, Daman is liberated in 1961 to form a part of the Indian Union.

Daman is ideal for sun bathers, beachcombers, sightseers, swimmers, monument lovers and shoppers. There is exquisite seafood to satisfy the palate while modern restaurants satisfy the pleasure of life. 
It has everything a tourist looks for: gentle winds, soft sands, inviting waters, historic churches, and majestic forts.

General information




112 sq km



158, 059  

People Per Sq. km   




Languages Spoken

Gujarati and Marathi  

Best Season

September to May  

Festivals of Daman  

Nariyal Poornima
Nariyal Poornima ma
rks the commencement of the fishing season and the people of Daman flock to the seashore to offer coconut to the mighty Gods who preside over wind and water. Nariyal Poornima is a day of joy; feasting and revelry Hundreds of tourists come to Daman to witness a variety of colorful water sports and to attend the cultural program.

Daman explodes with light, laughter song and dance during the happy season of Christ's Nativity. It is a season of good-will and fellowship. The Administration of Daman celebrates Christmas as part of its tourism promotion program and people from far and wide come to witness the fascinating Portuguese dance and to taste the well-known Christmas cookies of Daman.

Festivals Of Diu  

Garba festival
It is a popular folk dance of Gujarat and especially of Diu. It is normally performed by women dressed in colorful costumes with typical ornaments, accompanied by singing of song in praise of Goddess Amba. This is the most popular festival of the region. The colorful costumes, the mesmerizing music and the graceful steps cast an enchanting spell on the viewers.

Folk Dance festival  
The typical Portuguese regional folk dances of the territory include the Mando Dance, Vira Dance, the Verdigao in which happiness and the whole life style of the people of Diu is depicted. In these dances the clean roads, the delicious food and the traditions of Diu are described. Drink, eat, sing and be merry, that is the mote of the song and dance. The traditional dances are in slow motion with the elderly participating in them, but the young are carrying on the traditions of the old.  

In and Around Daman  

Church of Bom Jesus
This early 17th centaury church dedicated to Bom Jesus is one of the impressive places completed in 1603, it is a tribute to Portuguese architects and artisans. The richly carved doorway and the profusely decorated interiors, which have lofty ceilings, are noteworthy.

Church of The Lady of Dolores
This church, in Moti Daman, also of the 16th centaury, has partly Gothic and partly Byzantian architectural features.

Catholic Church
With the fort walls of Nani Daman, it has a fine Alter with excellent Paneling.  

Jampore Beach
The beach is serene and the department of tourism provide adequate facilities for those who come to spend a day here.  

Fort Moti Daman
Prior to the construction of this fort, there existed a small Muslim Citadel under the control of an Abyssinian chief.  

Fort of St. Jerome, Nani Daman
The fortís Giant gateway facing the river with a large statue of St. Jerome and two giant human figures on either side of the gate are noteworthy. The church of Our Lady of Sea is the main building here.

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The Island  of Diu, and erstwhile Portuguese colony, is of the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat. Diu offers Golden Beach, Palm Groves, Monuments. There has been no commercial exploration or environmental degradation here. The Portuguese ruled Diu for over 405 years, giving it the betterment of Diu Fort; the Wood-Paneled St. Paulís and St. Thomas Churches. Diu is an hourís flight from Mumbai of a 6 hours drive for Rajkot.  

The temples of Dwarka, Somnath and Palitana and Sasingir Sanctuary are conveniently located. With a pleasant year-round climate, it offers tranquility. The major occupations are fishing and farming.    

In and Around Diu

Nagoa Beach
A 2
0 minute drive through open arid land to dense coconut groves and you are the beach that stretches 2 km. 

Diu Fort
The fort occupies a prominent position and offers a magnificent view of the sea. It has the sea on three sides and a canal on the fourth and houses are lighthouse and jail. 

Fortress of Panikota
A magnificent stone structure in the sea, built at the mouth of the creek and can be reached only by a canoe or a motor launch. One nautical mile form Diu Jetty, it has a light house and a small chapel. 

St. Paulís Church
On entering the church compound, on the right is a marble statue of Christ. To the left a beautifully designed mount on which a cross is erected. The main faced of the church is adorned with curiously treated volutes and shell-like motifs. The faced is floodlit every evening, adding to the cities glow.

3 km from Diu in Fudam village. A shivlinga, Ganeshwar, is in the midst of rocks on the sea shore and washed by the tide. 

Navlakha Prashvanath Temple
The templeís in a room is divided into three and contains 30 idols. The main idol, in marble, is dedicated to Navlakah Prshvanath. 

Jama Masjid
In the main bazaar, the masjid of stone masonry 

Diu Museum
As there was no building where the antique statues and various stone inscriptions of earlier rulers could be kept, St. Thomas church was selected. The wood carvings, statues, idols, shadow-clocks and other artifacts are on display.


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