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 Water Cruise Information

Kashmir Kerala Uttar Pradesh West Bengal

Cruises through backwaters and rivers of India by a country boat are unique experience. As there is diversity in every field, similarly, there are various type of country boats to enjoy the water cruise, ranging from country a sail boat of Allahabad, Ors rowed Shikara of Kashmir to motor launch of Sunderbans.

Allahabad (UP)

Allahabad also know as Prayag in Hindu tradition, has been a city of holy pilgrimage for Indians, since thousands of years. Here, on the banks of Ganaga at it’s confluence with the Yamuna and mythological Sarasvati, known as Sangam, once in 12 years festival – the Kumbh – is staged, the largest bathing event in the world. Allahabad‘s Fort, overlooking the confluence of the rivers, was built in the 16th century by Emperor Akbar. Ashoka’s stone pillars stands in side the fort premises, carry his own epigraph and those of the Gupta King Samadra Gupta (335-75 AD), and later rulers.

Sailing down to Varanasi along the Ganges, in a local sailing craft witness the time less images of this infinitely varied land as they drift by. The physical and spiritual properties of the Ganges are found in the earliest Hindu text, the Rigveda and are said to flow from the matted strands of Lord Shiva’s hair. At other times the banks can be full of spectacle: the ornate temples, crowded bathing Ghats, the fields of wheat and rice paddies, every day life in countless villages, other river craft and marvelous sun sets. Even we may get glimpses of Ganges Dolphin at some stretches. 

Sunderbans (West Bengal)

South of Calcutta, start the sunderbans, “beautiful forest” in Bengali, formed by the delta of the Ganga and the Brahmaputra, and extending across entire northern shore of the Bay of Bengal. This Sunderban is a marshy mangrove jungle, the largest estuarine forest in the world. The land is saturated with salt, sustaining a poor single crop a year; the man eating Royal Bengal Tiger can swim and even attacks fishermen in their boats, killing altogether more than two hundred persons each year. There are few roads, water transport is often the only way of communication.

The chances of seeing a tiger are slim, but there are many estuarine crocodiles, the largest in the world, usually seen sleeping on mud flats along the river.

A short drive from Calcutta takes us to village Basanti where we will board our local motorized river craft. Continuing our journey via Gosaba village, to Sajnakhali forest rest house, while we enjoying the life on the riverbanks, fresh meals are being cooked by our Kitchen staff. Before checking in at the Sajnakhali forest rest house, we have to register our selves with the forest staff and they will provide a guard to visit with us next day to creeks and watch towers for game viewing. At the end of exploration, we trace back the way to Basanti of Canning the local harbor for fishing vessels. 

Ganga Heritage (West Bengal)

The Ganga heritage cruise is a quest to truly sense the spirit of the land and river life, interwoven so profoundly. A unique opportunity to experience the three cultures that fashioned the fabric of Bengal. The Nawabi culture of the Mughal rulers, their life style and achitecture. The Vaishnava culture (followers of Lord Vaishno) “mad in their love for God” and their spirituality. The European culture of the setlers – the English, French, Danish, Dutch, Germans and Portuguese.

The exciting cruise begins with Behrampur, 11 km. south of Murshidabad and 000 from Calcutta. Besides the crumbling mansions and cemeteries of the English and Duch settlements, is famous for raw silk production and weaving. The Nawabi experience begins with Murshidabad – Lal bagh, the Capital of Bengal during the reign of Siraj ud Daulah, known for its prosperity and wealth. Then to Azim gunj, an important trades center for the Jain merchants. Down stream is the battlefield of Plassy, where the English East India Company defeated the forces of Nawaqb Siraj ud Daulah to establish their colony.

The Halt next day at the temple town of Mayapur, head quarters of ISCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). Another life size deity, encrusted with jewels, can be seen at the Narshima Deve temple. The European experience begins with Chandannar, once a French colony, on the riverbank. En-route is Sermpur, originally a Denshi colony. Onwards is Chinsura, occupied by the Dutch from 1656-1825. The Portuguese settlement at Bandel is one of the earliest and houses the Portuguese church, the oldest church in West Bengal, and a seminary. Belure Math is the last tour stop. The evenings take on a spiritual glow with the Arti. The tour ends at Outramghat on the Calcutta riverfront. The emerald and brown patch work of Bengal’s countryside, the azure blue sky and the evening breeze on the Ganga orchestrate an exclusive experience.


The most spectacular site for a tourist to Kerala is the vast green expense of the backwaters. And a memorable experience is a houseboat holiday on these backwaters. The most amazing aspect of these backwaters are Kettuvalloms (traditional house boats), which are an improvisation on the large country barges of yesteryears. Almost on the verge of decay, these houseboats have been resorted through their promotion as a unique holiday concept.

The Vembanad Lake, flowing through the three districts of Alappuzha, Cochin and Kottayam, is the largest backwater stretch of Kerala. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary at Kottayam is an added attraction of the Vembanad Lake.

The longest and probably the most breathtaking backwater journey is between Allapuzha and Kollam. While the former is referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’, Kollam is Kerala’s largest producer of cashew nuts.

Another distinct experience of the trail is Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala, where the water level is higher than that of land. Also along the journey is Alumkadavu, the village where Kettuvalloms are made. The eight hour journey gives a first hand experience of the lifestyle of the backwater people. 


Srinagar the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir State, is a unique city, due to its famous lakes Dal, Nagin, Anchar and the river Jehlum with its nine picturesque bridges connecting two parts of the city with each other.

Small gondola like boats “Shikaras” are still means of transport to ferry people from one-island houses and houseboats to main roads. A ride by a Shikars through these spectacular lakes and those to Mughal gardens as well as via backwater canals is a romantic affair.

These Shikaras about 20 feet in length and 4 to 6 feet in width are equipped with large spring seats and decorated canopies. Manually rowed by one to three persons, depends on how many places and in how much of time one would like to cover.

Usually half and full day trips are taken to explore the backwaters one or more of these lakes but there are longer itineraries available for two to four days, which allows drift down the river Jehlum till Wular lake, the largest fresh water lakes of India.

These trips are often referred to as water treks, all complete camping and cooking gear are taken along with a teams consisting of cooks and helpers for overnight camping on the river banks. These water cruises are the best way to explore the rural life while enjoying the ride on soft cushioned seats of these Shikaras

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